Powered by A.I.ccountant tools, your dedicated advisor pulls data from your cloud accounting software and produces actionable reports. These real-time dashboarding and analytical reports provide insights into your business performance.

Analytics Services


Spot trends and capitalise on growth opportunities or minimise threats to your business. 

Cash Flow

Manage cash flow day to day. Know in real-time how you’re spending your money and what’s available for bigger purchases. 

Key Performance Indicators

Identify if you are meeting, exceeding or falling short on your KPIs.  Discover what areas need more


Know your bottom line. Our analytics track key metrics like liquidity and break-even point.


Compare results based on service type, client type or purchase type with analytics that are tailored to your business. Evaluate your results against industry performance.


Our easy-to-read representations provide clear direction, showing growth opportunities for your business. 

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